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Termites   Photo


Termites are a serious problem for Tennessee homeowners. They are the silent destroyers of the pest world, getting into homes and leaving extensive structural damage through their persistent tunneling. Making matters even worse is that, unlike many typical pests, termites are practically invisible to humans. They’re small and operate out of sight, so many homeowners don’t even become aware that they have a problem until it’s too late.

When it comes to these destructive pests, it’s essential to prevent them before they can become established in your home if you want to save yourself thousands in costly repairs.

Here are some prevention tips to help you minimize your risk for termites:

  • Ensure your crawl spaces are ventilated properly and free of debris
  • Install dehumidifiers in the basement to keep it dry
  • Keep your gutters clear to stop rainwater from building up and seeping into your roof
  • Replace any old or damaged weather-stripping throughout your home
  • Keep any leaf or compost piles stored well away from the exterior of your home
  • Remove any dead or fallen trees from your property, as well as stumps
  • Maintain a barrier between your foundation and any mulch 
  • Make sure there is no direct wood-to-soil contact across your home

However, it should be noted that even taking these preventive measures might not be enough to save you from getting a termite infestation. There might be factors outside of your control at play, such as your neighbors getting termites, or you might simply be unlucky.

Whatever the case, if you’re worried about termites threatening your home in Sevierville or the surrounding areas of Tennessee, look no further than Gator Pest Solutions for help. Contact us today to find out how we can protect your Tennessee home from termites today, tomorrow, and forever.