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Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees   Photo
Carpenter Bees


The carpenter bee is a large bee with a shiny black abdomen; they are primarily black, with some having a white or yellow face. Unlike many species of stinging insects, they don't pose a huge threat to people. Female carpenter bees can sting but are very docile, and while the males are aggressive, they lack a stinger. However, they aren't innocent; carpenter bees are destructive. Female carpenter bees bore holes in wood to tunnel through and create a nest. Over time, carpenter bee activity leads to damage to our homes and other structures in our yards.

Carpenter bees are solitary, and females create individual nests. While one carpenter bee isn't problematic, many are! It is common for females to return to the same nesting sites year after year and for many females to choose the same piece of wood or area to nest. Carpenter bees are most attracted to older, untreated wood and use wood fences, shingles, decks, and play structures as nesting sites.

The following things will help make your yard less attractive to carpenter bees:

  • Paint or stain unfinished wooden structures on your property and your home.
  • Apply metal flashing to the end of deck boards and wood railings.
  • Inspect your home regularly using caulk to seal any holes you find in wood trim or wood shingles.
  • Remove older or decaying wood from your property, such as woodpiles, wood fencing, and old play structures.
  • Schedule regular pest control services.

If carpenter bees have become a problem on your property, reach out today for help.

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