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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs   Photo
Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are small, biting, wingless insects. They are among the most dreaded pests to find inside our East Tennessee homes because they bite us and feed on our blood. Though bed bugs can feed on many warm-blooded animals like cats, dogs, and rodents, humans are their preferred hosts. Any place there are people, there is the potential to come into contact with bed bugs. Bed bugs are adept hitchhikers and move with us, including into our homes, after climbing onto us or our belongings.

The biggest thing to know about bed bugs is that they don't just live in or around sleeping areas. Bed bugs migrate behind outlets, baseboards, upholstered furniture cushions, and even electronics. Having a professional inspect your home regularly is the best way to discover a bed bug infestation early on and eliminate it quickly!

To help prevent bed bugs from taking over your house, take advantage of the following prevention tips:

  • After returning home from a trip, immediately wash any clothing or luggage you brought with you.
  • Regularly vacuum your house.
  • Regularly inspect sheets and mattresses for signs of bed bugs. Encase mattresses in bed bug-proof covers.
  • Always thoroughly clean and check secondhand items for bed bugs before bringing them into your home.

ForĀ professional help removing bed bugs, reach out today!